Saturday, July 14, 2007

what's up?

Okay, sorry about that...I had to go earlier, because we were getting ready to go to the grocery store. We came home and then I made homemade pancakes, which I was really excited about. I know it probably sounds silly, but it is something I have never done before, I usually just use the mix at the store. Anyway, they turned out really good!! :)

We are finally settled into our house, and absolutely loving it!! Jeremiah goes fishing out at the pond out back almost everyday. We are having to water the grass like crazy because of it being new sod it won't take root without lots and lots of water. We haven't had hardly any rain. I am kind of scared to see what the first water bill will be, although I have talked to a few people who say it won't be that bad.

I started my new job at Apria doing Enteral Customer Service, about 3 weeks ago. I love it!!! I am so happy that it all worked out and I know that it was totally God, with the timing working out the way it did. I am learning a lot! I was definately ready to learn something new and it is a good change. :) I will be getting on the phones next week and actually taking patient calls. I am excited!!!
We are still the nursery coordinators at Grace. It is still kind of stressful, but we have had a few new people start working so that is an answer to prayer. Church is going good. We just had our 4th of July celbration, it was really awesome!!

Our puppy is as spoiled as ever! She is so stinkin cute though! She loves the new house, she has more room to run around and chase her ball!:)

Jeremiah and I went on a date last night. Dinner and a movie. We went to Logans Steakhouse for dinner and then went to see Ratouille (sp?). It was a really cute movie!

My mom is doing good and actually about to come over for dinner, I am making a new chicken and noodles casserole. Another recipe I got of the internet this morning...we'll see how it turns out!

I will talk to you all later...Love ya,

our new house

I am finally posting pics of the house!!! :) We are finally settled in. We love it!! I have more pics that I will post, but I have to go for now.