Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sometimes I feel so inadequate. I look at myself and say who am I? I think Lord can you really use me, can I really do the job? Lord help my unbelief, help me to see beyond myself, my failures, my weaknesses. Help me to believe, to see that you have a perfect plan and a purpose and that I can do nothing in my own strength but only through You.

Song: Lord it was you who created the heavens
Lord it is your hand that put the stars in their place
Lord it is your voice, that commands the mornings
Even oceans and their waves bow at your feet

Lord who am I compared to Your glory Oh Lord
Lord who am I compared to Your majesty

I am Your beloved, Your creation
And you love me as I am
You have called me chosen
For your kingdom, unashamed to call me your own
I am your beloved


This is kind of whats on my heart...random.

a glimpse of something bigger


a deep burning desire


God given, God inspired dream

Saturday, August 25, 2007


One of my best friends Nikki just had her baby boy! Brayden Israel was born on August 13th. I am so happy for her!!!! :) These are pics from her baby shower, it was actually a couple of months ago. I am finally getting them posted.